Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank you for all the great comments

This last week I received a special comment from my cousin. We used to live close enough for frequent visits, but now are across the country. Boy, do I wish we lived closer and could visit whenever we wanted to!

I wish I could email everyone when I receive comments, but it seems like that is not the way blogger works. For those who would like to receive an email back, or contact me more privately, there is a link for my regular email in the upper right of my blog - as far as I know blogger won't block responses if you email me that way.

I've been visiting the sites and blogs of those who have posted comments, and there are lots of great blogs out there! Some people don't have a blog, and when I try to emial you back, blogger won't send it to you - instead it comes back as undeliverable, so thank you for leaving your wonderful comments, and I hope you'll take time to come visit my blog again.

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