Monday, December 17, 2007

Quilting a New York Beauty

Recently someone was looking for quilting ideas for a NY Beauty quilt on one of the lists that I belong to. That made me check to see if I'd ever uploaded pictures of mine, and I found that not only hadn't I posted any pictures (because I made it before I had a blog), and I found that not only hadn't I posted any pictures, but I haven't even't taken a "good" picture of the whole quilt once it was finished - only close ups of some blocks. I'll have to take one asap, but for now I'll post some of the block pictures. The quilt was quilted with quite a few different threads, trying to blend with the fabrics and repeating some designs as well as creating some new ones to fit the spaces. My border was quilted with a variety of designs that were fit together.


Doreen said...

Oh, Gorgeous. Love the fabrics and the colors.
Doreen Kinkade

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Lynn, the quilt itself is beautiful, and your quilting is wonderful! (Thanks for having your images large enough to actually see the stitches.)

Dawna said...

Hey Cuz, awesome stuff, you certainly have not lost your touch. My little girl says great job and can't belive how beautiful your work is. She definitely has some of your talents when it comes to art, attention to detail and creativity. Your angel quilt still looks awesome on my wall. Miss ya and your inspirational quilt talks.

Germaine said...

Hi Lynn
Just great! Linda has already said everything ;-)
My NYB is just waiting for quilting, but I'm still not courageous enough for that 8-O
Thank you for showing us!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

You're welcome!!!