Friday, July 18, 2008

Butterfly quilt progression

Since I can't show what I'm working on right now, I thought I'd show you the journal page that I created from the pictures of my quilt. It is easier to compare the different versions when they are similar size and right beside one another. I've also made a few mor changes in EQ, so here's another exported picture:

And also minor changes on the design wall (the brown butterflies were only place holders for size, and placement). I've also croped out the butterfly in photoshop so that I can try out smaller paper butterflies to see how it would look if I appliqued smaller, matching butterflies. If I decide I like the way they look, I can always print them on fabric and add to the quilt.

I think I like this the best, but will need to make up the flowers in fabric to see how it will really look.


Tanguera said...

I like the addition of the two extra butterflys. I prefer the one with the smaller flowers. It is more dynamic.

Judy S. said...

How will you make the "cone" on the flowers? This is going to be very pretty!