Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sockotta Mock Cable Socks - Finished!!!

The past three weeks have been super busy (yes, it's an understatement), as we've had two families of houseguests, which overlapped for a week. Adding the nine of them to the five of us, means there were 14 people living in the house, but it also meant that we could all visit with one another, and we still had time alone with each of the visiting families.

Of course, we still have two houses being renovated (thankfully, a builder and his crew are doing the work), as well as our baby orchard to check up on, and all are doing well, despite being mostly neglected by us for the past three weeks.

Sometimes, I'd have time to knit while everyone was relaxing and chatting, and then yesterday's road trip gave me a large block of time to knit, so now they are complete and ready to wear!

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Judy S. said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm working on this one in the neptune as I just couldn't do the lace in such a dark color...either that or I wasn't concentrating!:>)

The sockotta looks nice! That's an easy pattern stitch to remember, isn't it?