Friday, April 24, 2009

Hearts, Flowers and Swirls - quilting progress

Just a few quick pics to show you the quilting I'm doing....

I decided I wanted the hearts to have feathers around the edges, but it needed more... I tried just stitching just inside the edge, but it wasn't enough, so tried a row of loops, and really like them! There was too much open space left in the center, so I decided to use leaves to fill up the space. They're a bit irregular and wonky, but this is a FUN quilt, designed to be fun and easy, not precise! I'm really trying not to quilt as close as I usually do, because this is a lap quilt, and I want it to drape over the person using it.

For the swirls, I stitched twice near the edge, in a kind of sketch-like way, and began the flowers in a similar way, but added a couple more rows inside the petals, and a swirl for the centers. The background fabric design looks like tendrils found on some climbing plants, so I decided to use a larger version to quilt with, but didn't want it to stand out too much, so it may be more difficult to see.
Once the background is complete, I'm thinking of stitching in the ditch, between the decorative (loose) dark pink flap, and the striped border, and then maybe I'll use transparent thread to quilt over the stripes, so as not to detract from the piecing.


Judy S. said...

The loops are a great touch! BTW, we have met, quite a while ago. I took your free motion class at the shop on 20th/Northup.... I think I was the only one who didn't have a Bernina!

Chris said...

I love those little loopy circles around the heart. Very cute!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

The loops were fun, but now need to finish the rest, and decide on a border design. Thanks for commenting!