Friday, April 24, 2009

Noro Sweater

(Sorry, just quick pictures with my point and shoot camera.)

Not too long ago, I mentioned that I have a lot of UFOs hanging about. I'm making the cover sweater from this pattern book, and in the listed color, because I love this Noro colorway! (After I purchased the yarn and started, I found a modular vest UFO that I'm using the same yarn for.)

I think I started it last summer, but in the background of other projects, only a few rows at a time, but slow and steadily making progress. It's a simple pattern to do this way, because there is no complex row by row patterning, just stockinette, garter, and a garter variation, with a little shaping thrown in.

This is the lower back. The pattern tells you to do the lower back, then the lower fronts, and finally the sleeve / upper front and back pieces. Because I like the longer jacket, but am worried I could run out of yarn, I decided to stop before it was the required length, and hold the stitches on yarn (with the ball still attached), so I could do the front / back / sleeve sections first. Once those are finished, I can see how much yarn I have, and either start the front panels, or finish the back first.

This is my first finished upper front / upper back / sleeve section. I love the colors, but really had to be selective when choosing which ball to use next. Occasionally, there would be a knot in the ball, and the color would change drastically, so I've learned that sometimes it is best to set it aside and find another ball that makes a better transition.


Judy S. said...

That's a nice pattern, Lynn. I've got a couple of stashes of Noro yarn but haven't started the sweater yet. I've already made one a couple years ago....... I enjoy the way the colors work up on Noro too. Have you ever tried entrelac with it?

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Judy, just get started, and tell yourself you'll do a row a day. It's amazing how it will be done in time that would otherwise be wasted - like when you are put on hold, watching TV, or waiting for something.