Thursday, April 23, 2009


This quilt is a tribute to my mom. My best guess is that she is standing in front of the house my grandparents had referred to as the stone house in Oakmont, PA, but I'll probably never know for sure.

I printed the photo onto already prepared fabric, and decided to build the rest of the house (using my artistic license, of course). Fabrics were cut and fused in place, and then the top was machine quilted before painting, binding, hand appliqueing lace, and sewing on a few beads to finish it up.
The quilt was finished in 2008, but wasn't blogged. I guess I was too emotional at the time, and only realized it hadn't been blogged because I'm getting ready to enter it in my local quilt guild's show.


Judy S. said...

Hi Lynn! Would you believe, my DH grew up in Verona, PA, which is right next door to Oakmont. His aunt lived there, so I just had him looking at your image. His aunt knew everyone, so I'm wondering whether she knew your mom! BTW, I love your heart pattern from the earlier post. Are you doing any knitting lately?

TattingChic said...

I remember a quilt block similar to this one that you did before! It must be for the same quilt. This is so darling! WHat a sweet way to pay tribute to your Mother and her heritage (thereby, YOUR heritage).