Friday, September 03, 2010

Last Night's Quilt Guild Meeting

was a blast! Everyone was divided into groups and rotated around the room, with about 12 minutes at each of our stations! We had to explain very quickly, and I had said I could do either foundation piecing or applique using freezer paper, and they asked if I could do both. The only way to accomplish that was to use my already prepared, stepped-out samples, so I placed the smaller samples in a binder and the large, spider mum in baggies, to keep the pieces together.

My "Asian Mums" quilt from my book was on the table, as well as my book. I also brought book flyers that they could take with them, since the book isn't available until October. Although I felt as if I was talking a mile a minute (and probably was), everyone gave me lots of compliments!

Here's the completed "Asian Mums" flower sample, which uses a freezer paper / turned edge technique:

This one uses freezer paper for foundation piecing:

And the last one uses freezer paper with fusible web:

All of the stepped out samples are in my book, along with a section on free motion quilting and of course, all the quilt patterns.

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Delighted Hands said...

I always enjoy classes with tons of examples of the actual work and not just talking (think visual learner here) so I am sure your class was appreciated greatly by your guild-mates. Excellent samples...