Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christmas Quilt Ideas

As it's getting closer to Christmas, and I thought some of you might be looking for ideas.  These two look equally well in everyday fabrics, as well as Christmas prints, because they are composed with traditional block designs.

Checkerboard Stars was designed to take advantage of large motif fabric.  I've also made it up as a lap quilt, by adding two more rows, as seen in my other Checkerboard Stars posts.

Christmas Sleigh Ride has a large border, which is also designed to take adantage of large motif fabrics, and would also look wonderful with border prints.

If your local quilt shop doesn't happen to have my patterns, there is a list of suppliers on my blog and website.  I'll be uploading an order form to my website soon, so that you will also be able to order directly from me, and have updated my calendar, begun adding pages for my book and trunk show, as well as adding more large pictures to the gallery.  (It would already be up, except that the computer that happens to have dreamweaver installed on it is currently down.  I'm happy to have my old laptop right now, as I still have access to email and the web!)

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Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful, I like the first one especially; I think it is your choice of fabrics that really make it work. Nice.