Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Market - Wish you were here...

I'm having so much fun here at the Houston Quilt Market!!!

Yesterday, was schoolhouse day, and I've received compliments on the presentation I did for my book, Flower Show Quilt.  One of the nicest compliments, was a shop owner that enjoyed my presentation enough to bring a friend with her to my demo this afternoon, because she wanted to share my book and quilts with her. (While I wasn't able to take pictures of myself speaking, I'm looking forward to receiving some from a friend and hope to post them soon.)

I also had a chance to meet quilt shop owners in person, like Terry, who has scheduled all three trunk shows for my book, Flower Show Quilts to arrive at her shop for different months next year!

When I stopped by the APQS booth, I was invited to return to their booth after my book demo to quilt on George, and of course, I took them up on it and came back to quilt for a while in their booth.  While satisfying my need to be quilting, Heidi took a picture of me with their George!

Tomorrow, I'm planning to check out more booths, as well as take some time to see quilts on exhibit.  I know there is never enough time to see everything (at least not as long as I'd like to spend looking at everything), but  I'll take my camera with me, and see how far I get!

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Delighted Hands said...

Excellent way to share your passion!