Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weaving - largest project I've attempted!

I'm designing, and weaving some fabric that will cover acoustic panels.  I guess I should really say that I'm altering a M's and O's kitchen towel pattern from Handwoven magazine - widening the design and using boucle threads, that wouldn't usually be used for this type of weave (because my husband likes the texture).  So far, I've woven a test piece that is large enough to cover one of the smaller panels.
After washing, the fabric feels wonderful, but the fabric blends into it too much, even though the colors work.  Weaving with thread colors is almost like mixing paint colors, with the weaving pattern letting more or less of the different thread colors show.  So far, we like the pattern, but the colors need to have more contrast with the wall.  

To save some time, I made the first warp a half yard longer than I needed, so that I would be able to tie the next warp onto it.  You can see the remainder of the first warp threads tied loosely in front of the reed, and the next test warp hanging in front of the loom, ready to be tied on.  This time I'm using one of the original colors, and the rest are lighter or darker than I used in the first sample.

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Delighted Hands said...

Wow, that is quite an undertaking. I do get frustrated over the warping but love the weaving.