Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Jazz scarf

My studio is full of UFOs, and as I go through them, some will be tossed, others finished.  Some I'll work on enough to make a decision, and more than one has already been tossed for one reason or another.  No, I'm not going to count my UFOs!  I'd rather spend my time working on finishing them or working on new projects that have supplies taking up space in the studio.  Sometimes it's obvious it needs to be tossed or given away, like when I find a UFO and don't like it any more - that one goes! It's only worthwhile working on UFOs that I still like.  The decision to keep or toss depends on the type and status of the UFO.

Anyways, the Sweet Jazz scarf hasn't been in progress too long, and was a joy to make, so I'm saving the pattern.  I love the yarn, the color, it was wonderful to work with, and it's finished just in time, as the weather is changing and fall is in the air!

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Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty-I love the way a crescent shawl hugs you back! Nice job on the knitting!