Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rubber Stamped Quilt Tops

I thought I should post a few of these quilts-to-be while they are in progress:
I happen to like some of the rubber stamped fabrics just the way they were, so decided that they would be given simple frames. They were fused to another hand-dyed fabric from my stash (and now I'm finding that I really need more greens and darks, and hoping to have time for fabric dyeing soon).

The quilt above is from a previous post, with another stamp added. Once these simple quilts are quilted, they will be trimmed to size, edges finished, and embellishments (if any) added.

When I was looking around the studio, I came across this early piece of soy silk paper. It was one of my early attempts, and was not hung up to dry. The result was the back having a slightly tacky, and definitely paint feeling back, which decided to crumple and stick to itself. I thought it was just the thing to put between my stamped heart and the yellow background. When I quilt and embellish this one, I plan to use golden beads or threads to help the stamped design play better with the brighter background.

These two pieces had been stamped on the same piece of fabric, but I didn't like the arrangement. Once they were separated, and the excess fabric torn away, I liked the simple, somehow comforting way it looks (quite a difference from the bold heart design).

For some reason, I just had to use that piece of Angelina Fiber in this piece. I really liked it --- until I had it all fused and stepped back. I still love everything other than the way that Angelina Fiber is jumping out, and will have to find a way to remedy the situation (unfortunately, it is all fused in place, and the border of the bird is a piece of hand made soy silk paper, so it may be really dificult to remove - maybe I'll need to experiment with those alcohol inks I have, or something else - at least I have some extra Angelina to experiment on).
Some of these were basted last night, so off to get some quilting done......

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Judy S. said...

Wish I could come to your presentation, Lynn, but we have choir on Thurs. evenings. Good Luck! I LOVE the heart one.