Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been asked what I use to spin yarn with, so thought I'd take some pictures to share, along with a short explanation. When I first tried to spin, I used a spindle. It was much larger, and heavier than the one below, and I wasn't really able to spin much at all. So after some online research, off to Weaving Works I went to see about a wheel. I purchased a Lendrum, and after a bit of reading, watching some videos, I was spinning! Of course, a wheel isn't nearly as portable as a spindle, and so I keep revisiting spindling, purchased a few other spindles, and yesterday, thanks to an employee at the Weaving Works who was spindling, I finally found out that I needed to draft differently (Aha!). Now I'm still a beginner, but making progress!

The colorful spindle is one of two lightweight spindles I purchased from Grafton Fibers, and so far I think they are my favorites!

Here's my Lendrum wheel. I'm currently plying some mixed fiber from Tactile Fiber Arts that is gorgeous! Of course, I will need to decide what I'm making when it is finished.

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