Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorry I've been away from my blog

Evidently, between the trip to Sisters and the trip to WSU, I managed to catch a awful cold, but am much better now and trying to get caught up.

I did manage to sew a few seams in one of my quilting projects, but my brain was a little fuzzy, and after ripping and re-sewing, I decided it would be best if I worked on small, projects and made this Little Wallet from a pattern and kit that I purchased while in Sisters. The quality isn't quite as nice as I would usually do, but hey, I've got a little wallet that I can use, instead of a project waiting to be made.

I also made some progress on the gusset heel sock. Good thing it's only stockinette, as I didn't have to keep track of a stitch pattern and made progress without ripping:-)

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Delighted Hands said...

Nice wallet.....the sock is beautifully colored! Nice to have you feeling better!