Thursday, July 01, 2010

Madrona - progress

My progress is much slower than I would like, although I do have quite a few other things going on, as well as getting ready for the trip to Sisters, OR for classes and the quilt show. Part of the problem I'm having is my work area, and it's also the reason I don't have the greatest pictures for you to see. I'm working with the fabric pinned to the wall, yes, the wall, and in a hall, no less - no nice design wall to pin into, no way to stand back, and with the large size of this quilt, my little door peep isn't really helping very much. The layers are pinned together, so I can take it off the wall and lay it on the floor for a different view, but I don't have wall space where I can work on it - the nice wall space happens to be in the living room, and I really can't work there.

So far I have created the background panel and am working on the tree layout. Once I'm happy with the layout and overall tree shape, I can add shading, highlights and details - in other words, details. With collage, quilts move along at their pace, and sometimes they morph in ways you wouldn't have thought, so only time will tell how it comes out. I've taken pictures fromthe left, right and also a closer picture of the larger tree on the right to give you some idea of what I'm doing.


Delighted Hands said...

Well, the hall is working even if it is cramped! I love the way this is developing-I love the looks of the background contrasting with the tree colors! (Are you handy with some HomeDepot supplies-you can build a moveable wall out of some styrofoam sheets and a few light framing wood strips)

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Thanks for the idea, I'll have to find someone to get me the larger panels. I never thought about the framing strips! I have a small design wall that I built from the smaller insulation foam sheets, duct taped together and covered with batting. I think I used 2 x 4ft sheets, and wish I had the larger size, but they wouldn't fit in my car. Come to think of it, when I made it and it was used in the hallway that used to be my studio, propped against the wall on top of fabric bins to raise it up off the floor. Unfortunately, it is not large enough for this quilt (and it's also layered with UFOs - I'll have to take a picture - maybe it will help me get back to them:-))