Sunday, August 01, 2010

Madrona, Oasis and gardening

Not much progress on Madrona, due to forces beyone my control - the company changed the location they planned to hang it, and I needed to go see how it would fit. Originally I had allowed about 8-12" extra for wrapping the quilt around stretcher bars so that it could be hung as "art" insead of the way I would hang a quilt. However, after visiting the shop this week, I've found I need to keep it as wide and tall as the largest areas, so the trees will be removed and the background can be made larger in the areas needed. After that is done, the trees can return and be collaged into shape. I'm thinking (at this time) that while most of the leaves will be placed flat on the quilt, some dimensional leaves might make it more interesting. I'll just have to see what the quilt tells me when I get that far. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend some quality time working on it this week.

One of the Quilter's Affair classes that I took when I was in Sisters, was Oasis, with Vivienne Moore, and chose to do teal / green with pink accent. The top is finished and waiting to be layered and quilted. (Sorry if these first two pictures aren't the most straight and clear, the only way I could take them at all was to stand on a stepstool and hold the camera over my head, while hopefully pointing it at the quilt at the floor. Not the best way, but the best I could do for a quick picture without a design wall, or a ladder.)

Most of the last two days was spent out in the garden. You know, those nasty green things that come up between the plants you want, well, this garden was almost totally green when I began, but now I can see the plants, and the weeds are gone! Unfortunately, I also had to remove some plants that have not survived where they were planted, and I'll have to see what I'm going to replace them with in the fall.

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Delighted Hands said...

The quilts are beautiful...the strips one is intriguing-the little bit of pink just makes it sing. I love the landscaping you have done-wow!