Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Working with Wool

While I was in Oregon last month, a friend and I took a quick trip to Bend, after our Quilter's Affair classes. One of the shops we visited was Sew Many Quilts, where I fell in love with some of the wool projects in the back of the shop, and of course, a book and some kits followed me home. This one, called Red Geraniums, was a complete kit with pattern from Primitive Gatherings, but I changed some of the fabrics and added beads to the flowers (I guess I just needed a little bling). [The close-up is closer to the colors in the real candle mat.]

I found it was relaxing to work with the wool felt, and a bit like going back in time, since I made a lot of felt projects in the past. In fact, we all have a felt Christmas stocking that I made from kits that were easily available at the time.

Here's a view of the complete candle mat:


Delighted Hands said...

OOO, pretty! I have a felt purse percolating in my brain. It is for Fall so I better get going. I am going to use my embellisher machine to attach the differnt felt layers-ever try one?!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I don't have an embellisher, but do have an attachment for my sewing machine that works very well (I'm sure it isn't as easy to clean out as an embellisher, but works for the small amount I use it). Machine felting is fun and fast, but sometimes it helps if you manually felt the pieces enough to hold them in place, before you take the project to the machine.