Monday, March 28, 2011

Hydrangea Fair Isle Hat

On the day between classes at Madrona, the weather was beautiful, and I took a drive to the Allyn Knit Shop.  I've always loved the fair isle designs, and have made a couple small stranded projects in the past, but never a true fair isle, and the stranded work was only a small part of the project.  Well, I fell in love with a hat in their shop and the pattern and yarn for it followed me home:-)  I'm practicing knitting with both hands, and it's going slowly (because I only work on it for a few rows at a time), but I think it's coming out ok.

Here is my progress, and the yarns and tools I'm using (and yes, I"m using my bread basket to hold this project:-)):

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Delighted Hands said...

Fair isle is a much slower knit but oh, so , worth it! Yours is coming along just right!