Thursday, March 01, 2012

Another Madrona UFO - Finished!

I've wanted to try tapestry weaving for a long time, especially after a good friend gave me a tapestry loom that had belonged in the family.  Although I have spent a little time on my own trying to learn from books, wove a small sample, I really do need to learn the techniques in a way that I can remember them, instead of just following instructions for a sample, and forgetting what I've done by the time I can work on the project again.
This year Sarah Swett taught several classes and I was able to get into her Undercover Sketchbook and Weaving a Pouch on a Cardboard Loom (that's the title on her handout, but I think the class title was a bit different).  I loved both classes and have finished my woven pouch!

We learned how to warp our cardboard looms and begin weaving, learning tapestry techniques along the way.  She said we could draw a design if we wanted to, so I drew a spiral for one side and decided to keep the rest of the technique experiments on the other.  Some things worked better than others and I learned so much from this class I'm hoping to draw something up for the big loom and get started, although I know it will be slow progress.  Anyways, here's my bag:

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