Monday, March 12, 2012

Seattle Art Museum

One of my sons and I visited the Seattle Art Museum, or SAM as it is called locally.  The first place we went was the Gauguin exhibit, and while I would have loved to take pictures, they weren't allowed:-(

Right outside the entrance to the Gauguin exhibit was an awesome sculpture made from strips of woven and / or pieced fabrics, some of them appeared to be bound in a similar way that most quilts are usually finished, and if I had to choose my favorite piece in the museum that day, this would be it!

The other exhibit I was drawn to was the weaving.  There was a glass cabinet with shelves containing medium to small woven baskets.

To the right of it was this woven mat, which I believe is made from cedar.

And in another case was this dress, which I also believe is made from cedar.  I can't imagine wearing tree bark, but sometimes we have to make do with what we have or can find.

Of course there were lots of other interesting exhibits, and since we're all doing more recycling these days, this one really caught my eye and I couldn't believe it was made from scrap metal from bottle caps and wraps.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating textures....nothing like a museum visit!


LoveLondonMuseums said...

Looks like a great museum. If you ever come to London in the UK you will find great museums like this. In fact too many to mention.

My personal favorite is the Horniman museum.