Sunday, January 10, 2016

Handmade Skin Care for Gifts

As promised, here are the skin care projects made for this past Christmas:

Lots of recipes were tried, most of them made wonderful products that I could gift friends and relatives.  A few came out nice, but need to be tweaked to play nicer in our climate, others were great as they were.  Lip balms were one of my first adventure into making skin care products, along with melt and pour soaps, then there were scrubs made with sugar or salt, and then bath bombs, and then  recently I tried making the bubble bars, and finally lotions!  Most of the recipes came from the Soap Queen Blog and Bramble Berry website, but the solid bubble bath bars are from a recipe I purchased from Two Wild Hares on Etsy.

Of course I made lots of soap this past year since I tend to immerse myself in any new learning adventure, even creating a few of my own soap recipes and participating in soaping challenges.  As a fun challenge, I even tried making soap cupcakes and they were so much fun!

Along the way I ran out of space to dry and store all the soaps I was making, so bought a rack from Home Depot and added extra shelves (husband is using this shelving in our greenhouse for smaller plants, but didn't need all the shelves).  The additional shelves make it great for drying soaps, since I don't have to turn them every day, and it holds a lot!

Because I've made so many different types of soaps and skin care products, and it has gotten way past being able to remember what is in each one, I decided it was time to create labels so my recipients and myself would know what is in each one.  This was my biggest challenge, and luckily, I'd been keeping a soaping journal, and printouts of the skin care product recipes with my mark-ups, so knew what changes I'd made to each recipe!  It took a while to figure out a design that would work and look nice in In-Design software, but I finally figured it out and designed labels for almost everything before it got too late to ship boxes before Christmas!  Whew!!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

You have a lovely soap factory now! Wonderful to see what you have done with your talents!