Monday, November 03, 2008

Houston Quilt Festival - more shopping!

I was surprised to find this slightly glittery roving in Londa's Creative Threads booth.
These stencils were found in the June Colburn Designs booth. Yes, they're expensive, but they're ready to go (all I need to do is cut them apart), and they will last a long time, as long as I take care of them.
Now here's a group of purchases that all came from different booths. The tiny purple and magenta things are pompon making tools that are a Clover product, although I can't remember where I purchased them. I couldn't resist the sheep pin, as I have a lamb for my logo, and had a stuffed lamb when I was little. Here again, I'm not sure the booth it came from, only that their other products were shawls, shawl kits, and things that go with them.
The ginko bead kit came from the i-bead booth, I don't even need to look for my receipt, as I've purchased from them by mail and at other shows. Whenever I need a tiny bit of this and that color of beads for one of their designs, I'd rather buy a kit from them if they have it.

When I was at the show, I wore a rayon duster as a light jacket most of the time, as it is so comfortable, and I always get compliments! These are all rayon batik fabrics that I plan to make knee-length dusters from - that way, I'll be able to coordinate them better with my other clothing. The two on the left were found at the DYEnamic Fabrics & Designs booth, while the one on the right was found at the Indonesian Batiks booth. They're all beautiful, and I can't wait to get them sewn up!
This is a gorgeous piece of hand dyed shibori fabric from Shibori Girl Studios. She has such beautiful ribbons, scarves and shawl sized pieces too, and I had the pleasure of taking a class with her too! (I'll post about the classes later.)

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Judy S. said...

What are you going to do with the rovings, Lynn? Do you have one of those new embellisher machines? Sounds like you had fun in Houston!