Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And even more snow....

Yes, this is the view at our house today, and it's a good thing that my husband and son shoveled some of the snow off our deck, as otherwise we would be worried about it supporting all this snow. I really think we must be breaking records withall this snow! As I'm writing this, more is coming down, although the weatherman said some areas may turn to rain, although I'm betting we will continue to see snow, as we're at about 500' (at least we seem to get the weather that is predicted for that elevation). I think I'm about as prepared as I'm going to get for Christmas, other than maybe some more decorating / baking, and yes maybe I'll try knitting up a quick hat for another hand made gift, but it looks like the family dinner will end up being postponed until they can make it here safely.
Hope all of you have a warm, safe and Merry Christmas!

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