Friday, December 26, 2008

Power out for Christmas

The phrase "let it snow" has new meaning this year. I'm already to the point that I'd be very happy not to see any more snow at our house, as we have received more than we usually get for the entire winter - at least 24 inches! Our winter usually consists of some snow, usually less than 6 inches at a time, and roads that clear up within a day or two, so even if we have snow laying in the yard, the roads are passable as long as you watch for a few small icy areas. Because of this, our cities don't have the gear that cities in snowy areas have, so it is more difficult for us to handle.
I took pictures yesterday, on Christmas, but did not post them because we lost power at about 4am, and it never came back until nearly 8pm. While that meant no Christmas dinner, at least we were able to stay comfortable at home and thankfully, we have a gas cooktop, so I made soup for dinner that didn't require opening the refrigerator, yet tasted good and warmed us up inside.
I greatly appreciate all those at PSE here, who spent their Christmas day repairing the power lines so that we could have our power back on, and who are probably still out there trying to get it back on for others.

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TattingChic said...

Thank heavens you finally got the power back on. Bless those men who work so hard on the holidays in difficult conditions so that we all have power. Bless their hearts and souls!!!