Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artistic Free Motion Online Class

begins this Friday, February 13th! There are still a few openings, so sign up if you are interested in learning to free motion quilt with me. Although you can still sign up once the class has begun, and all questions and answers will be saved in the forum for the duration of the class, it's best to sign up before it starts, so that you will have as much time as possible to practice and ask your own questions. It is a four week class that is as similar to my "in person" class, as possible.

A couple things that are different between taking an online class and an "in person" class, is that you can't look over my shoulder or from the side to see how I work, and I can't look at your work "in person". Because I am not able to demonstrate in person, I have included a short video, so that you can really see how I stitch out many of the designs, as well as many more pictures, showing examples of the designs we are working on at the time. You can show me your work by uploading pictures in the forum to show off your work, or so that I can help you if you are having trouble with something. Instead of one day to try to learn everything, the lesson is broken up into smaller chunks, so that you will have more opportunity to practice before continuing on to the next lesson.
Come learn to free motion quilt with me!

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