Friday, February 20, 2009

Northwest Flower and Garden Show - my quilts

Here are some pictures from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show that is at the Seattle Convention Center through this weekend. They are all pictures of the seasonal garden display that was created as a collaboration between Olympic Nursery and Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, here in Woodinville, WA. Some of us were asked to participate by lending quilts for the Patchwork Garden, and we are all so proud to be a part of it, and extremely happy for them that the garden has won a silver medal!
The quilt on the back wall is my Woodinville Wine Country quilt, which was made for Susan's first quilt shop challenge (Gathering Fabric), and won best of show. After many requests, and being shown in Quilt Sampler, as part of the write up on the Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop, I wrote up the pattern, and it is now available from LAM Designs (my company), or through quilt shops, and distributors (links on the right).

This little floral quilt hanging from the ironing board was my first pattern, and the reason I started my pattern company. The block was the first shop hop block I designed for Gathering Fabric, and grew into a quilt sample, and then a pattern - so I had to start a company to be able to sell them the pattern, right???

My Sunflower Garden quilt is brightening up the window in this garden. A little different construction for this one, but so fun to make. It's also available from LAM Designs.

I made this tulip quilt from a watercolor quilt book, although I can't find the book to confirm which one it was made from.

My Grape Fairy quilt flew above the crowd, and is another quilt that was made to compete in the applique category of that first Gathering Fabric challenge. After many requests, it also became a LAM Designs pattern.

Tom Quigley and Susan Webster, the master minds and collaborators for the Patchwork Garden display.

Here is Susan in her Gathering Fabric booth at the show. If you are able to get to the show, please take a minute to stop and say hi, and congradulate her for helping to create the Patchwork Garden. My Dragonfly Pond quilt is at her lower left, and not only does she have the pattern for it, but also for the other LAM Design quilts that I have in the show.
In case you didn't receive Susan's email about the show, here it is:
On the eve of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I am filled with awe and amazement over the incredible efforts and creative process on the part of the show organizers, garden creators, volunteers and staff to bring to our region, a show of all shows. Every single element of time and energy going into each garden is truly worthy of a hardy applause. The mounds of sawdust, compost materials, heavy equipment, manual labor and plant material is being transformed around the clock into a magical arena of garden spaces that cannot adequately be described, only seen.
Bee sure to visit the show starting Wednesday, Feb. 18-22nd.
Thanks to Olympic Nursery, volunteers and staff, our Patchwork Garden is coming to life. The quilts are staged with tall trees and lush landscaping and are perfectly presented in the atrium of the Washington State Convention Center. Thank you everyone who has made a contribution to this garden. It is a beautiful blend from the quilt artist and garden artist, a remarkable sight to see.
Stop by Booth 315, where Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop will showcase quilt kits, small projects, books, patterns and garden inspired items, all with the quilter and gardener in mind. See just how quilters and gardeners share a love of color, design, texture and dimension. In this our very first patchwork show on the road, we are excited to share our quilting world with northwest garden lovers.
Spring has come to the garden show this week. We hope you'll make a visit. And please, send this to all your quilt and garden friends.
Thank you! See you at the show.


TattingChic said...

What a lovely way to have your beautiful quilts displayed. It must be very satisfying to see them displayed in a show like that! :)

TattingChic said...

What a lovely way to have your beautiful quilts displayed. It must be very satisfying to see them displayed in a show like that! :)

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Your quilts look more beautiful than ever in the garden setting! We are missing you in the latest Pamela Allen online class.