Friday, February 13, 2009

My very first pattern

and how it all started......
Yes, this is the first pattern I ever made (not including instructions for classes)! It all started with a request for a shop hop block for my local quilt shop, Gathering Fabric, by it's owner, Susan. We had met soon after she opened her shop, and hung the coming soon banner - I couldn't believe there was going to be a quilt shop less than two miles from my house. Slowly I showed her quilts that I had made, purely a sharing thing, not looking to get into business, and before I knew it I was teaching at her shop and she asked me to design a block for her first shop hop. We learned the rules as we went, and this is the block and quilt that I designed.

Of course, I thought all I had to do was design it, and make a sample, well before long it grew to making the block, and then those words "if you made a pattern we could kit it up", and I was off researching how to go about starting a company, and publish a pattern. From there my company has grown, with the Urban Scraps pattern being number 23!

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