Thursday, February 05, 2009

Urban Scraps - finally a decent picture!!!

Well, this is as good a picture as I am able to take right now. It's such a large quilt, and I could imagine a picture of it on a bed, as it is a bed-sized quilt, but you wouldn't be able to see how the blocks fit together to form the overall design. The quilt top is 90" x 90" before quilting, but with the way I quilt, it shrunk about 2 inches, and is now about 88" square. My challenge was to use a layer cake and jelly roll as efficiently as possible, and still have an interesting design, and I think it worked, since almost nothing went into the trash, and I only have two blocks left over - one of them being due to a cutting error (yes, everyone makes mistakes once in a while, they can't be helped, you just hope you have enough fabric to fix the errors when they occur). The outer border was cut lengthwise, but the excess width was not wasted - it was used for the extra width on the quilt back! This design could be enlarged easily, just by having larger borders.

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Judy S. said...

That's an interesting quilt, Lynn. I didn't notice until this photo the large X that formed in the design. Nice work!