Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hawaiian windows?

Judy S, asked if I had ever seen a piece that had watersoluble windows with stitching in them. I can only imagine the Hawaiian windows that she is describing, although I have made some small quilts that had the fabric cut away to make a window that was filled with a lacy, stitching design, letting you see through the quilt at that point.

If you look closely at this butterfly, you'll see that the inner butterfly is part of the original block, but the wings are only thread that was stitched after the fabric was cut away.

Water soluble stabilizers are very versatile, almost anything that is light enough could be suspended in a window that can be stitched into, or a lacy background could fill the opening, and then the item glued on. The key to any designs that you create on water soluble stabilizer, is to have the stitching interlock before it is dissolved.

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Judy S. said...

That looks like the technique, Lynn. The only difference is the "windows" were randomly placed geometric shapes that had been filled with stitching similar to that on the butterfly wings. If I remember correctly the finished pieces were tablerunners or something on that order. Thanks!