Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Figs and Ginger - doing the math

Since I'm making the quilts for twin beds, I decided they need to be longer.  I took the first panel and laid it on one of the twin beds and decided I wanted to add 3 rows (my blocks were trimmed to 6-1/2" instead of 6" as the pattern states).  In order to figure out what blocks needed to be made, I used a post-it note below the layout diagram in the book and extended the chart, labeling what blocks would be next (the blocks are continuing in a diagonal from right to left, so it was easy to extend the block colors that were in the bottom row.  To figure out what colors would fill in the lower right corner, I looked at the pattern in the rightmost column and extended the repeat.

I've been piecing the rows for quilt number two, and have two left to piece and then I can put the panel together.  Once the panel is the same as quilt one, I will go back and cut out the additional blocks I need to extend the quilts.  I'll need twice as many as I have in this chart, because I'm making two quilts, and although I did have 6 blocks left from when I originally made blocks, I'll need to cut fabrics in groups of 3 each color for each block set, because of the block technique, so I may still have extra blocks when I'm finished, but maybe there will be enough to make a nice pillow?

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Delighted Hands said...

You will be glad you are extending the size to make the fit-I made that mistake once and still kick myself for not doing a bed test first! These quilts will be stunning!