Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beading, Weaving, packing for Sisters, OR

The amulet is ready for fringe. I did attempt adding small beads to the sides, but was unhappy with the look (and needle I was using), so decided to gather beads for the fringe, and am still digging for more variety, and deciding what small beads I'd like to use - so it waits...

Ellen and I finished our shawl pins, and this is mine (sorry for the sideways view, I don't have time to Photoshop the pictures right now).

The rigid heddle warp is now set up for my first try at log cabin weave,

and the inkle loom is filling with bookmarks. I've got to try some others in different colors and patterns.

On the quilting side of things, I did put together the background for the Madrona quilt last weekend, but forgot to take a picture before quickly folding it up to bring home, and here at home, I'm working in a narrow hallway, so there is no way to get back far enough to take a picture.

I'm heading to Sisters, OR next weekend for a week of classes and lots of fun with other quilters, so I've been busy making kits for my class projects. In five days, I'm taking four classes, and have kitted up my supplies for three (yeah, it's the easy classes where everyone makes the same thing, in their own fabric choices), but the last class has me thinking "why did I sign up for this class?", although I do know the answer to that question - it's with Janet Fogg, and I'm dying to learn her design techniques, and design my own project using them. The problem is that her class sample is in a sort of 50's style, with lots of black and white, and the ideas for my project are quite different, and have animals. My son thinks I should do the one kind of animal with green leafy fabrics for fur, and the universe as tea in a cup. So what to do? My friend is going to come look at the piles, and piles of fabric I've pulled out and hopefully help me with a sanity check, because the last thing I want to do is pack up a ton of fabric and then wish I had chosen totally different ones when I am in class - it's way different than changing your mind at home!

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Delighted Hands said...

The shawl pin is beyond superb......can't wait to see the log cabin weaving-it is on my to do list!