Monday, June 14, 2010

Project Progress

Hope you had a nice weekend, it was beautiful here, and look at all the daisies!

The little quilt top is complete and waiting to be layered and quilted. I didn't think about these UFOs when I cleaned out my stash a couple years ago, so I'll have to search what I have to see what I have for backing.

My original plan for yesterday was weeding, but since I was feeling a bit under the weather I decided to stay inside instead. In one of my boxes, there are some basket kits, and this tote was on top, so I pulled it out and decided to see how far I could get. I've made a little design change (it was supposed to be plain), because when the kit arrived and I saw the black, braided handles, I dropped several pieces of black reed into the package to give me design options. I ended up adding the two rows of black chain, and think it's just what it needed! Up until this basket, all the baskets I've made with wood bases have had the stakes glued in, but I didn't happen to have any, so tried doing without - and it worked!!! By the end of the day it just needed a rim, which I hope to get to soon, so that I can start using it, because it's a really nice sized tote.

Another thing I tried this weekend was woven bookmarks, using a kit from Weavezine. I only wish I had waited until I felt better to start on this, because it wasn't a pretty sight. The Tencel is slippery, but I've worked with it before, although this time I had tension issues, due to my lack of patience (and freezer paper - I think) when warping. The more I wove, the worse it got, and I think it is all because I didn't have freezer paper between the last couple rounds when I was winding the warp on the back beam. I've since cut this off the loom, and plan to re-thread to try the log cabin bookmarks.

On the scarf front, this is the longest scarf I've ever made, and it really should have been two. Of course that's what I get for not writing down my plans when I'm not going to continuously work on a project. When you don't see it for a couple weeks, it's hard to remember what to do, so I wove, wove, wove, until I was near the end of the warp, and only when I pulled it off the loom did I realize what I'd done. I'm thinking maybe I could cut and unravel the center to divide it???

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Delighted Hands said...

Nice 'all in the day of a weaver's life' post! The bookmark is worth doing-going to be very pretty!