Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two kinds of weaving

Since the beads were already out, I decided to do a little rearranging, took some things out of the way that didn't belong and moved them, found some already bagged projects ready to start, and decided it was time for a new amulet. I haven't been wearing them as frequently as I have in the past, but only because some of them are in need of repair (mostly due to the neck strap thread breaking from wear against metal clasps, and I've since found French wire that will hopefully alleviate that problem in the future).

Anyway, this pattern reminds me of the quilt pattern Grandmother's Flower Garden. It is in the book Beaded Obsessions III, and has lots of beautiful designs (there are more on my to do wishlist) in the small amulet size I love to wear. I'm halfway finished, and will start working from the bottom down, which is actually the other side of the amulet, as this will be folded in half when the beading is complete, and sewn up the sides, and then fringe will be added to the bottom fold (sometimes I also add even smaller beads along the sides to cover the sewing).

On the weaving front, my first hand dyed warp is on the loom! It was a bit more difficult, because of the tangling that can occur when dyeing and washing out the dye, but I wound it on slowly, stopping to untangle as I went.

I'm almost halfway through the first scarf! This one has green bamboo weft, and I'm loving the way it almost dissapears in the warp! It's going quickly, but I do need to make more progress on the quilting side of things.


Delighted Hands said...

I like doing this kind of bead weaving but the star of this post is the painted warp-WOW!


I love the colors of this scarf looks like lavender fields. Your bead work is really pretty love the pattern your using.