Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blue Spun Wool

Here's the product of a couple full days worth of spinning (although most was done in small bits of time between other projects), with about half of the second bobbin being spun today, going as fast as I could. The fiber is a multi-merino / silk top in a blue colorway from Kendig Cottage. It looked more blue before it was spun, and since it is only the second time I've spun a multicolored fiber, I had no idea how it would look once it was spun. It still needs to be plied (will be a 2-ply yarn, since I only have these two bobbins), but for now the bobbins will be put back in the bag the fiber came in (this way it will be labeled) and set aside for plying later.

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Judy S. said...

You spin as well as quilt? Amazing! When I heard that it takes 1200 hours to spin enough yard for a sweater, I lost my enthusiasm..... I just tried felting a pair of booties today; what fun!