Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day on the road, a little knitting, one border quilted

Here's the progress from about three hours riding in the car. The leg and heel are finished (I prefer to knit shorter socks, as longer ones just get scrunched up or rolled down), so now I'm on my way down the foot.

The peach sock only had a couple new rows added, so it really looks the same.

Ann asked where I got my yarn. The peach was purchased at a huge sewing and craft EXPO that is usually in February at our local fairgrounds, can't remember the vendor, but the yarn is Panda Wool by Crystal Palace Yarn, and the sock pattern is a free one on their website (it is shown in this same color). The burgundy / teal, self-striping yarn was purchased at my local Ben Franklin, and is called Sox by Berroco, and they call the color Liverpool (color number 1474).

Since I'm still deciding how I want to quilt Checkerboard Stars, I've started with a border and a ribbon candy pattern. Right now I'm thinking that feather circles, or circular in the middle, and squared up to take up the block, is going to be on the alternate blocks, but I wasn't able to find my blue dissapearing ink marker, so will have to purchase a new one before marking and quilting. Most of the time I'll just mark circles or veins for feather quides, but since I'm working in 12" blocks, I'm considering marking it first, and if I can't get to the store, I'll probably use Sulky Solvy with the design marked on it. The other design I'm considering is a ring of holly leaves to go with the fabric, so I'm going to spend some time drawing, and see what happens. (The charm of free motion quilting on my home machine is that I can quilt wherever I want, jumping around and following the fabric / thread colors instead of quilting from one end to the other.)

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Judy S. said...

Hi Lynn,

Don't you love that sock yarn that makes you look like a genius? Im too, was wondering where you get your yarn locally. Holly leaves sound like a nice quilt design to me....I know how beautifully you quilt, so you'll come up with something nice!