Saturday, June 14, 2008

Checkerboard Stars - slow progress

You probably can't see the quilting very well, but I'm trying to let the fabric sing and the quiting just add a bit of texture while holding everything together. Anyway, since I did want to be able to see the holly quilting design (just not too much), I decided that the only thread that would work was the heavy red varigated Valdani thread (now that's a mouthful), and since I know from experience that this thread will work it's way loose if I don't take the time to knot and bury the thread tails. So...... now I'm busy knotting and burying until I'm tired of it, and stippling in between the holly with a red Isacord thread that I thought looked better than my other choices.

The problem is that I'm down to stippling around the holly in the outer border, and between moving all the tails that are still there (must stop and move them sothey don't end up being quilted in place) , and trying to see the holly quilting (so I don't run over it), it is going slowly - but the quilting will be done soon, hopefully later today, after a few other things are done.

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Judy S. said...

Hi Lynn, When I double clicked on your photos, I could see the quilting well..very nice! I just got my Panda yarn and am starting some socks, using that's a bit tricky!