Saturday, June 14, 2008

Busy, Busy

Although I've been trying my best to post more frequently, and I've also been trying to only post creative work, instead of family, this post is an infrequent exception. We're going to be having a lot of house guests, starting next Saturday.

The first arrivals will be my husband's brother (the one closer to his age) and his family of five, coming from England. They will be here for two weeks to visit and see the area. My sister-in-law hasn't been to visit us before - not ever, so there will be lots to see, do and chat about. We have been able to visit a few times, but far apart, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them again, and meeting their youngest, since he was born after my last visit. (My husband and two of our boys were able to go a couple years ago, so they met him at that time.)

The second wave will be my husband's oldest brother, and his family, also of five (although I hear their daughter may be coming later). This family is moving to our area, and will be staying with us for a while (until their other accomodations are ready).

Usually, I'm able to keep my projects laying around my studio, but with all the visitors coming, and the second family is coming with two cats, I'm busy trying to get everything put away that I think the cat might love to mess with, finish Checkerboard Stars for the quilt shop, and some others that need some finishing before they can be put away (like that wool I had to finish spinning, because I had already pre-drafted it into a wonderful puddle of fiber ready for spinning, and was afraid to move and make a mess of it).

Now I have nothing against cats, love to visit with them when I'm out, but I've never had a cat in my house, not to mention staying at our house, so this is probably going to take some adjusting to. If you have any suggestions for cat-proofing, I'd love to hear them, just leave me a comment. I've only done baby-proofing in the past. I'll return the favor, and sit and look at your blog as soon as everyone has left and I have a chance to sip tea and read blogs.

Sooooooo, if I add our family of five, it looks like there will be 10-15 people in our house for a while, plus two cats when they arrive with their family, I know it will be totally crazy busy here, and between getting ready for them to come, and hosting everyone, busy will be an understatement. I'm afraid my Sun Challenge project for an online group may not get done until after they leave, but I still have hope to get a couple small ones finished and mailed out, but only time will tell, and the clock is ticking.....

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Judy S. said...

Whew! I got tired just reading your upcoming schedule. And I expect to be busy with just 3 guests, wow! As for cats vs. babies....our cat is curious but doesn't bother with my sewing; she'd rather knock the stuff of the kitchen table...LOL