Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....Quilting

Right now I'm very happy that my studio is in the daylight basement. It's so much cooler than the main floor of my house!

Sometimes I'm in a mode to work on one project from start to finish, and other times I love working in more of an assembly line mode, where I rotate around to the different jobs, while working on more than one project. When I can, I like to begin by doing all the rotary cutting, then preparing appliques (if the quilt has them, and I know which fabrics I will be using). The next step is piecing, building blocks or some kind of center panel (some of my quilts have a plain fabric panel for the center, so this step can be skipped), then move on to assembling the center panel, and adding any borders. Depending on the quilt, appliques may be added when I'm working on the blocks, or may be added after the whole quilt top is assembled, and on some quilts like my Fantasy Fish pattern have appliques being added on the center panel, and then more when the quilt top is finished - or placed and partially attached before borders, folded out of the way while the borders are being sewn, and then completed afterward. It all depends on the individual quilt that I am working on.

Just like assembly line piecing, working on multiple quilts seems faster when I batch some of the work - making tops, quilting finishing. Right now I'm working on quilting some tops. Since I can't show you the projects themselves, I thought I could get away with posting a few close-ups of the quilting....

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